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Rethinking design is in our blood. It’s what we love to do and it’s what makes us different. For example, our indirect fire brew kettles feature a unique combustion chamber design that combines the intensity and focus of radiant heating with the even distribution of convection heating. Our equipment incorporates many other unique design features. We would love to tell you about them.


We collaborate with award winning brewers to ensure that our brewing equipment meets the needs of our customers. Our goal is to make you as productive as possible and to deliver high quality brewing equipment at a price that fits a younger brewery’s budget. While we believe our standard equipment will overwhelm you, we know that every customer has a unique space and method of brewing beer. We stand ready to listen to your input and address your special needs.


Our craftsmanship and attention to detail makes us a dependable partner. High quality equipment will prevent unforeseen failure and down-time and preserve resale value. You will be thrilled with our equipment’s usability and durability and your customers/visitors will be visually impressed with what they see in your brewery.


We understand what customer support is. We identify with our customer’s needs because we are customers ourselves. We deal with suppliers of raw materials on a daily basis. This shared experience and our small business culture drives us to deliver superior support and service. Your satisfaction and success is critical to our success.

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