We specialize in working with young breweries. You have our undivided attention regardless of the stage of development of your brewery; from planning, to start-up, to expansion.

When walking the aisles of the BrewExpo America we are struck by the number of exhibitors catering to the needs of mature craft breweries with large budgets. It appears that start-ups and young breweries are under-served by domestic fabricators. We specialize in working with these breweries.

We work with each customer prospect to identify the equipment they actually need rather than some preconceived notion of what they need. Our philosophy is to outfit our customers with equipment that is simple, effective and affordable. We start by presenting prospective customers with the most basic equipment package needed to support their approach to brewing technique. Adding features and technology is considered as the budget allows. Our intent is to help customers get through the equipment procurement process under budget. 

At RMV our minds race with creative ideas about how to provide breweries with high quality brewing equipment that is well designed, user friendly, efficient and offers great value. We constantly challenge ourselves to increase production efficiency. This attention to perfecting every stage of the production process results in quality assurance and helps to keep the cost of our products low for our customers.

Inspired by sunshine 275+ days per year and by the rugged Cimarron and San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado we pride ourselves on delivering:

  • Innovation
  • Solutions
  • USA Craftsmanship
  • Customer support
San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado

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